Creating an Admin Handbook

Denis Peplin den at
Tue Jul 20 10:13:24 UTC 2004


Ken Smith wrote:
> On Mon, Jul 19, 2004 at 10:03:54AM +0000, Murray Stokely wrote:
>>I think the time has come to split up the Handbook.  It has grown
>>unchecked for far too long and it has been several years since we last
>>moved chapters out of the Handbook (and into the Developers Handbook
>>in that case).
>>The Handbook is currently organized as 5 distinct DocBook <parts> :
>>* Getting Started
>>* Common Tasks
>>* System Administration
>>* Network Communication
>>* Appendices
>>I would like to split the Handbook into a User Handbook and an
>>Administrator Handbook.  The first two <parts> would belong to the
>>user handbook, the second two <parts> would belong to the
>>administrator handbook, and the appendices would be shared with both.
> I'm not against doing a split-up at all, and am definitely in favor
> of the general theme of the split - user docs versus admin docs.
> My only thought is that if time/energy is available perhaps a closer look
> at what goes where might be good.  My general outlook on life is that
> "User Docs" == "Stuff that doesn't require root", "Admin Docs" == "Stuff
> that does require root (or the installation CD)".

OK, let start voting!
Handbook split will probably require some additional docs moving,
for example i vote for:
"Configuring the FreeBSD Kernel" -
move to admins section (nowadays not every user require this - for example,
on my FreeBSD desktop i  have GENERIC kernel).
Most content from
"Linux Binary Compatibility" is advanced topic too (if i want to install
common Linux binary, i will install it from ports).

And for users handbook:
many sections from "Configuration and Tuning",
16.6 Creating and Using Optical Media (CDs),
16.7 Creating and Using Optical Media (DVDs),
21.2 Using User PPP
and this list is not near to complete....

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