docs/56883: Inadequately-documented charter for freebsd-jobs@

Gary W. Swearingen underway at
Mon Sep 15 16:27:12 UTC 2003

Warren Block <wblock at> writes:

>  (Is PostScript really something that should be mentioned here?  It has
>  more interchange issues than either of the others.

It's a format that jobs@ readers should be able to handle, so it's OK,
but it's probably better left unmentioned, if PDF is the recommended
format for M$WORD users to send if they won't send plain text.

>  I'm also unsure
>  whether "open source" is a good description of these formats, but can't
>  think of anything better at the moment.)

How about "open format".  And the opposite is "closed format".  PDF is
both open and proprietary, IMO.  I suspect that Adobe would agree.

>  And maybe a change of tense?
>  >  +          Proprietary formats such as MicroSoft Word (.doc) will
>  >  +          not accepted.</para>

 +	    <para>E-mail should use open formats only --
 +	      preferably plain text, but basic Portable Document Format,
 +            HTML, and a few others are acceptable to many readers.
 +	      (MIME types text/plain, application/pdf, and text/html.)
 +	      Closed formats such as MicroSoft Word (.doc) will
 +	      be rejected by the list server.</para>

Unless the later is not true, in which case:

 +	      Closed formats such as MicroSoft Word (.doc) cannot
 +	      be read by many readers' software.</para>

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