Backup Chapter Updates

Warren Block wblock at
Wed Sep 10 01:31:11 UTC 2003

Browsing through the Backup chapter today, I saw the script for
generating a bootable floppy.

Problem #1: the kernel config file shown has quite a bit of obsolete

Problem #2: okay, how about manually trimming everything possible out of
the 4.8 GENERIC kernel config file?  It turns out that trimming it down
to fit on the approximate 273K of free space on a 1.4M floppy is

The questions:

If current releases of FreeBSD (4/5) will only fit on a rare 2.8M
floppy, is it worth updating that section of the Backup chapter rather
than removing it?

El Torito bootable CDs can use a 2.8M floppy image; should the script
and instructions be modified to produce such an image, and just forget

Instructions on building a bootable recovery disk seem a little out of
place in the Backup chapter anyway.  Bootable CDs and LiveCDs have been
a topic of discussion on -questions, too.  Is there a more appropriate
place for this type of material, or is the subject worthy of a chapter
by itself? Off-hand, I can think of a bunch of URLs that could be
included in such a chapter: FreeSBIE, the original Brazilian LiveCD,
MiniBSD, and some of the other small installs meant for embedded
Soekris-type use.  But what do you call such a chapter?  "Minimizing
FreeBSD", maybe?

-Warren Block * Rapid City, South Dakota USA

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