docs/56388: Add/change #include lines for libisc man pages

Simon Barner barner at
Thu Sep 4 11:46:13 UTC 2003

> Have you looked at the very latest -stable? I just imported
> BIND 8.3.6, and fixed the heap include problem. 
> Please take a look at it, and let me know if it improves the
> problems you've described here.

Oh yes, indeed, the heap man page is fine. The problem was, that I
CVSup'ed my source, but did not build world due to the PAE issues that were
around for the last two weeks.

I have synced my source right now, and the following files still do not
have an #include line:


The patches for these two files from my original PR might be obsolete,
depending on how you decide to fix the problem (modifying the .mdoc files
directly or with sed from the Makefile)


The patch for this file is just a cleanup.

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