RFC: Dropping gzip'd docs on the FTP site

Jim Brown jpb at sixshooter.v6.thrupoint.net
Sun May 18 22:11:25 UTC 2003

* Nik Clayton <nik at freebsd.org> [2003-05-18 15:59]:
> Hi chaps,
> At the moment the docs on the FTP site are available in gzip, bzip2, and
> zip format.
> How do people feel about dropping support for gzip?  FreeBSD's shipped
> with bzip for a while, and the zip format covers platforms where gzip or
> bzip isn't common.
> Support for building gzip'd docs would remain in the tool chain, I just
> want to remove the format when the docs are built for the FTP site.
> Comments?
> N
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Fine with me.  Any particular reason?  Is this another de-GNU-ity?

Ruslan just had the same discussion on -CURRENT a few weeks
ago.  There was some controversy involving various tradeoffs
with compression size, and processing time.  Might want to review
those just to make sure that the dial-up and low-bandwidth
users aren't impacted.  Wouldn't hurt to run benchmarks before
and after as well.  I'd do it myself, but it's Sunday afternoon
and I'm too lazy :-)

Best Regards,

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