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Bruce A. Mah bmah at
Fri May 16 17:53:24 UTC 2003

If memory serves me right, Tom Rhodes wrote:
> On Fri, 16 May 2003 04:27:00 -0700 (PDT)
> Hiten Pandya <hmp at> wrote:
> > Synopsis: No my(4) man page
> > 
> > Responsible-Changed-From-To: freebsd-doc->hmp
> > Responsible-Changed-By: hmp
> > Responsible-Changed-When: Fri May 16 04:24:42 PDT 2003
> > Responsible-Changed-Why: 
> > I have this man page in the works.  It is simple, and not trendy
> > like other NIC man pages, but it fills the gap:
> > 
> > 	http://people.FreeBSD.ORG/~hmp/my.4.txt
> > 
> Need more review?  Note, mii(4) does not exist, its miibus(4), which
> I wrote and added to the tree a couple of months ago.

I'll jump in with a few nitpicks.  :-p

The correspondence between "DEC Tulip NIC chipset" and the dc(4)
driver in the cross-references is not clear.

The supported models are not sentences, and therefore should not end
with full-stops.

In the HISTORY section, you should say that the my driver *first*
appeared in FreeBSD 4.6.

The AUTHORS section could probably be better worded as "The my driver
was written by Myson Technologies."  If you (hmp) want to give
yourself credit for the manpage, that's acceptable here.

I'd also try to turn the BUGS section into a complete sentence.


PS.  Yes, I always sign my name in email as though it were a sentence.
So sue me.  :-)
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