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Eric Anderson anderson at
Tue May 13 12:23:35 UTC 2003

Peter Pentchev wrote:
> On Sun, May 11, 2003 at 04:21:56PM -0400, Tim Church wrote:
>>Dear Webmaster,
>>In the interest of avoiding any confusion, CompUSA does not sell FreeBSD 
>>I've had a few disappointed customers who say that your website lists us as 
>>a retailer who still carries you product.  You might want to update your 
>>Thanks in advance,
> Thanks a lot for the notice!  The rest of this email is for the benefit
> of the freebsd-doc at mailing list members.
> The obvious fix would be the attached patch, which removes CompUSA from
> the handbook/mirrors/chapter.sgml list of boxed product retailers.
> However, there is a slight problem with it: the remaining text talks
> about "several retailers", yet lists only one - Fry's :)
> Is anybody aware of other boxed product retailers?  For that matter, can
> anybody check whether Fry's still offer FreeBSD?  From a quick look at
> their website (and the Outpost redirect), I couldn't find anything by
> navigating the menus, although an explicit search for 'FreeBSD' brought
> up the FreeBSD Toolkit, which sounds somewhat similar to the FreeBSD
> Mall product by the same name, yet leaves me with some doubt as to its
> up-to-dateness...

I know my local Fry's still sells FreeBSD boxed, however it is an older 
version.  I also believe that Best Buy was selling it last time I went 
by there (6 months ago or so).

> So.. what should we do about the Retailers section of the Mirrors
> chapter?

Maybe we should get rid of it altogether, until the bsd-advocacy group 
can get a list of maybe 10 or so going.  It's almost a joke to see only 
2 on there.


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