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PAS Laboratry kenga at
Fri May 2 21:38:00 UTC 2003

   Best for you!

   We are finding a person who is represent new diagnostic device in the

   The device is based on the theory of Oriental medicine and it is named
   as PAS - [cid:x97aimage_0.jpg]

   A new processing principle of Pulse waves on the PC is using by the
   PAS. The developer has found this principle after 14 years of

   On the Five Elements diagrams that are worked out by the PAS you could
   see the conditions of the elements (in accordance with TCM) and their
   activity too.

   Such diagram is a direct order what to do.

   For example:

   1.        To chose the diet (in accordance with Ayrveda),

   2.        To massage by the any method using active points on the

   3.        To use acupuncture properly.

   There are many applications in researching herbology, homeopathy and
   so on.

   Such wide application of the device demands a well-organized network
   of distributors and we are ready to support our distributors. OUR
   discounts reach up to 90%!!!

   If the dealer sells more than 2000 registration, he/she can have such
   huge discount (but in one region can be only one such dealer).

   You can test the PAS and we will return the money if the device is not
   suitable for you (You pay only delivery fees).

   Why we think the PAS is useful for many people?

   It is well known fact that skilled pulse doctor works for many years
   before he will reach the art of diagnosis. The PAS allows be almost
   the same professor in three or five weeks.

   It is revolution of penetration of ancient knowledge to our days. Now
   many people can receive the correct and fast diagnosis at early stages
   of illness.

   We are proud that we do a very useful thing and we are sure, in the
   nearest future many people will use the PAS. And we are very
   interested in equal in rights partnership in your region.

   Please ask the details right now via e-mail [1]tigertel at We
   will answer in a very short time.

   The information about PAS you can find at the site:


   Best regards,

   the team of the PAS

   and the manager Serguei Fedotov.

   Sorry, if our letter disturbed you.


   1. mailto:tigertel at
   2. file://localhost/tmp/

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