RSS feeds, i hope you can help.

g ggreene at
Wed Dec 31 09:01:25 UTC 2003

i'm trying to view the newsgroups using a mac os x.  i have download 
NetNewsWire, but i'm not having any luck viewing the newsgroups. if you 
know of another viewer that works i'll use that.


The Sites Drawer doesn’t include all the sites in the world you can 
subscribe to. There are many thousands and there are new ones every 

When you’re browsing the Web, and you find a Web site you want to 
subscribe to, choose Subscribe from the Subscriptions menu, then copy 
in the home page of the site, then click OK.
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If that doesn’t work, you may need to find the URL of the site’s RSS 
feed. Some sites link to it on their home page, sometimes with a 
white-on-orange XML button. Once you have the URL of the RSS feed, 
choose Subscribe from the Subscriptions menu and type the URL of the 
RSS feed.

Tips on finding RSS feeds

Whenever you see a white-on-orange XML button you can click on it to go 
to the RSS feed for a site. Then you can just copy the URL from your 
Web browser and paste it into the Subscribe dialog (as above).

You can also subscribe via drag-and-drop. For instance, when you see a 
white-on-orange XML button, you can subscribe to it by dragging it from 
your browser into your Subscriptions pane.

Other sites may have an RSS feed but not display an RSS button. If you 
can’t find an RSS feed, email the webmaster for that site and ask if 
they have one and what its URL is.

In the Find More Sites submenu of the Subscriptions menu you can open 
NewsIsFree, Radio.Weblogs.Com, and Syndic8 in your Web browser. Each of 
these lists lots of sites you can subscribe to.

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