Who's Responsible For What...

Ceri Davies setantae at submonkey.net
Wed Dec 17 11:15:04 UTC 2003

On Wed, Dec 17, 2003 at 01:43:40AM -0500, Ken Smith wrote:
> The following diff updates the Who's Responsible For What a little
> bit.  I wanted to finally add the FTP/WWW Mirror Site Coordinator
> because I've had a few people mention they went looking for it and
> couldn't find it.  It also updates a couple other things (portmgr@
> list has changed a bit).
> Two questions:
> 	Ceri, should you be GNATS admin now?


> 	There isn't an entity for dhw's email.  I don't think he's
> 	a committer, I guess he just does the postmaster stuff.  Any
> 	hints on how to handle that?

He has an address that he uses for FreeBSD stuff; look in the aliases
file on hub to find it.

>  	<term>Postmaster</term>
>  	<listitem>
> -	  <para>&a.jmb;</para>
> +	  <para>&a.dhw;</para>
>  	</listitem>
>        </varlistentry>

Are we sure that jmb has retired from this role?
I thought they were both working on it, but could be out of date.

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