port maintainers not in contrib.additional.sgml

Colin Percival colin.percival at wadham.ox.ac.uk
Mon Dec 8 20:43:13 UTC 2003

At 22:52 07/12/2003 +0100, Pav Lucistnik wrote:
>V ne, 07. 12. 2003 v 18:19, Colin Percival pí¹e:
> >    Would anyone object if I sent out a form letter to these apparently
> > unlisted contributors, asking them if they'd like to be listed?  (And is
> > someone willing to commit the resulting massive patch when I collect the
> > replies together?)
>I was under impression that only authors of new ports are listed there.
>If someone take existing port, he's not automatically listed there.
>Rather than maintainer field you should pursue Whom: from port Makefiles

   Hmm.  I had forgotten that.  Unfortunately, that makes things rather
harder, since the Whom: addresses are often many years out of date.

Colin Percival

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