Round two of the front page structure changes...

Marc Fonvieille blackend at
Wed Dec 3 10:16:09 UTC 2003

On Wed, Dec 03, 2003 at 12:21:41AM +0100, Christian Brueffer wrote:
> I like it, but I think there are still way too many links in the
> sidebar.
> As you already notes, the 'Vendors' section actually belongs to the
> 'Software' section.  'Documentation' and 'Support' could be consolidated
> into a 'Resources' section.
> The 'Multi-language support' section is not needed, IMHO.  I think
> people would expect documentation in a given language on the web
> pages of that specific language,, for example.
> Maybe we should put the links to language specific web pages in a more
> prominent position (and list all available languages on the front page).
> In general, we should unclutter the side bar.  IMHO, NetBSD and OpenBSD
> have done a good job in this regard.  4 or 5 big subsections which
> roughly categorize the links to subsection pages, which can contain all
> the other stuff.

(Sorry, I do not have time to give to these interesting changes :( )

I agree with Christian the way for Languages is very
efficient and well "placed", we just need something like that.

As I said above, I can't help you more guys but the new front page (the
one available at the time of this writing) is already a great
improvment, please continue!

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