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Tue Dec 2 20:18:19 UTC 2003

On Tue, Dec 02, 2003 at 10:56:52AM -0500, Bill Moran wrote:
> Josef El-Rayes wrote:
> > Bill Moran <wmoran at> wrote:

supportive argument deleted for brevity...

> I belive the handbook should have this section.  There are many
> circumstances where a FreeBSD machine will need to do mail
> in a "send-only" capacity.  Users should be able to find documentation
> on how to make it work.
> You're right, technically, this section should explain how to set
> up sendmail to function in this capacity.  However, I believe that
> sendmail is difficult to properly configure for this use, and
> overkill anyway.
> > explaining how to use xyz-MTA for forwarding mails to another ISP
> > is not the task of the handbook, this is covered by xyz' docs.
> I worry that this is a case of, "experienced FreeBSD user's can't
> understand why documentation this simple is necessary."  I feel
> that it is necessary.

i have been using freebsd since v2.0.5-release and my internetworking
backbone stopped at v2.2.7-release and is still running it very reliably
(i do see the need to upgrade) i do have significant learning
difficulties that keep me glued to teh documentation every time i need
to make a change. no matter how minor, how system re-defining.

maybe the average new users learning experience is not as acute as mine,
or as ongoing as mine, or as long lived it is nonetheless an acute period
in thier familiarisation process and it needs to be supported.

leaving such documentation out will significantly impact the 'quality of
life' and the 'quality of installation and system bedding' this last
bit is teh most intense period that most (if not all) newcomers go
through on teh way to becoming "experienced FreeBSD user's". it is teh
bit that defines who becomes a "experienced FreeBSD user's" and those
whole with churn through to teh next cab on teh rank, ummm favourite operating

while the impact may not be immediate it will be profound and leave
scars on teh project as a whole for a very very long time.

with much thanks to teh existing document manglers for doing a good job
in teh face of such resistance.

kind regards


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