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Progga abulfazl at
Wed Aug 20 18:34:02 UTC 2003

On Wed, Aug 20, 2003 at 10:41:32AM -0400, Chuck Swiger wrote:
> Make sure that BIOS "PNP OS" setting is set to "NO"  

 Is this very important info mentioned in any FreeBSD docs ?

 When I installed FreeBSD 4.6.2-RELEASE a year ago, the sound card (Creative 
Vibra - es1371) didn't work. Compiling the Kernel did no good. After almost a 
year later, I came to know this info from a very old GNU/Linux newusers HOWTO. 
I tried it without much hope and the sound card worked! I faced a similar 
situation with the printer too. Fortunately the person who gave me FreeBSD CDs 
told me to change the parallel port's value from 'auto' to 'enable' in BIOS settings (Phonix BUOS) and the printer worked immediately after installation. The 
'FAQ' doesn't address these issues AFAIK and I also forgot to send these infos 
earlier ;-) 

 Khoda Hafez

* The motherboard is 'Intel 440 BX2'.

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