New Canadian WWW Mirror

Martin Heinen martin at
Tue Apr 29 22:13:19 UTC 2003

On Mon, Apr 28, 2003 at 08:03:30PM -0600, Ryan Thompson wrote:

> What would you think of pulling the mirror hosts into a more central
> location? We have an MxN problem now (M different pages for mirrors in N
> unique languages). What about a single list (or lists for CVSup, FTP,
> WWW, rsync, etc) that gets compiled automatically and sucked in by the
> various languages? The only problem I can see is that the country
> spellings (Canada/Kanada/...) have to be localized, which would take
> some doing, unless someone already has a convenient mapping for
> CountryCode, Locale -> CountryName.
> Thoughts?

We use different encodings.  Using Unicode would be the
way to handle this (any editor for Unicode available? :-)

The lists are sorted alphabetically too.  We would need
something that sorts Unicode depending on the language
used (not sure if that requirement contradicts Unicode).

Starting with one list per language would be the
pragmatic way.  This would reduce sorting mirrors/chapter.sgml
and the list of mirrors on the homepage.


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