Little UFS2 FAQ

Jim Brown jpb at
Mon Apr 28 02:56:52 UTC 2003

* Chris Pepper <pepper at> [2003-04-27 18:47]:
> At 2:17 AM -0400 2003/04/26, Jim Brown wrote:
[snips below...]
> 	I've taken a look at the FAQ. My suggested patch is at the bottom of this message, but there are a few bits I don't have proposed fixes for.

Patched- thanks.

> 	Program names (like fsck) need to be tagged.

I ran into trouble trying to get &man.fsck_ffs.8 to validate.  I'll research this
later- but it looks on the surface that &man.foo_bar.# has problems validating.
Does anyone else have this problem?

> 	This explanation is much needed, but not detailed enough. Are they both really considered 'file systems'?

Added the link to the original FFS paper.

> 	State whether fsck is UFS2-friendly.

Answered in the article.  Apparently you need a new superblock as well.

> 	NetBSD mentions should include the version when UFS2 was introduced.

I'll try to find out...

Thanks for the review!

Best Regards,

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