.Xr references to ports in man pages

Simon L. Nielsen simon at nitro.dk
Thu Apr 24 23:37:06 UTC 2003


I have been looking at fixing bad man references (.Xr) in the FreeBSD man

Several system man pages references man pages from ports which of course
might not be available.  This was also brought up in Oct 2001 by Murray
Stokely where Ruslan Ermilov made a patch to support this in the
standard .Xr macro.  The patch extends .Xr to handled port references
like this :

.Xr smb.conf 5 net samba

which would be rendered as

.Xr smb.conf 5
.Bq Pa ports/net/samba

and look like (except that the path is underlined)

smb.conf(5) [ports/net/samba]

What do people think about handling it like this?

It could perhaps be rendered diffently but I personally think that the
way it is handled in the current patch is fine.  Mainly because I think
it is rather clear what is meant and it doesn't "conflict" with other
"rendering" that I have seen.

I would be happy to go through the system man pages and add the
apropriate references (I already have a perl script for detecting bad

The mail from Ruslan with the patch can be found at
http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/mid.cgi?id=20011008191058.B13684@sunbay.com .

I have extracted the patch if anyone wants to try it (it works at least
againt a recent CURRENT) :
http://simon.nitro.dk/freebsd/files/misc/ru-mdoc-ports.patch .

Hope somebody has an opinion about this.

Simon L. Nielsen
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