Chainsawing the "Mouse" section of the FAQ

Eric Anderson anderson at
Thu Apr 10 14:30:27 UTC 2003

Nik Clayton wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 09, 2003 at 12:09:43PM -0700, Gary W. Swearingen wrote:
>>"Michael W . Lucas" <mwlucas at> writes:
>>>Any comments?
>>Sure.  Your considerable talents would be better spent on the FreeBSD
>>Handbook.  The FAQ should be a delete-only document.  The sooner it rots
>>away, the better.  It's upkeep involves a duplication of effort that is
>>worse than useless, as it tends to force FreeBSD users to have to hunt
>>for information in an extra place for information that is not
>>necessarily any more helpful than what the Handbook (or an Article) has
>>(or should have).  It's bad enough that the FDP has to duplicate so much
>>of what has on mouse configuration, but that's given the
>>existance and nature of "moused", I guess there's no alternative to
> Hmm.
> I quite like the idea of the FAQ merging in to the Handbook.
> Each chapter starts with a "Synopsis" section -- there's no reason why
> they couldn't end with a "FAQ" section.  If we wanted a separate FAQ
> document, it could be generated by pulling out all the FAQ sections from
> the Handbook.

Ooooo.. I like this a lot.. This seems like the "right way"..


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