Chainsawing the "Mouse" section of the FAQ

Gary W. Swearingen swear at
Wed Apr 9 19:12:20 UTC 2003

"Michael W . Lucas" <mwlucas at> writes:

> Any comments?

Sure.  Your considerable talents would be better spent on the FreeBSD
Handbook.  The FAQ should be a delete-only document.  The sooner it rots
away, the better.  It's upkeep involves a duplication of effort that is
worse than useless, as it tends to force FreeBSD users to have to hunt
for information in an extra place for information that is not
necessarily any more helpful than what the Handbook (or an Article) has
(or should have).  It's bad enough that the FDP has to duplicate so much
of what has on mouse configuration, but that's given the
existance and nature of "moused", I guess there's no alternative to

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