should the docs cater to 5 or 4? or both?

Martin Karlsson mk-freebsd at
Tue Apr 8 23:24:02 UTC 2003


I'm doing some work on the handbook, section 12.6 (floppy disks), and I
have some questions:

Should I describe the methods (for formatting floppies, for example)
applicable to 4-RELEASE or 5-RELEASE? Or both? I notice that the
handbook states that it "covers [...] use of FreeBSD 5.0-RELEASE", but
at the same time, there are lots of references such as "Note: In FreeBSD
5.0,  devfs(5) will automatically manage device nodes in /dev, so use of
MAKEDEV is not necessary.".

Taking fdformat(1) and low-level formatting of floppies as an example,
in 4.8 one appends the size to the floppy device node (/dev/fd0.1440)
while in 5.0 one uses the -f flag, with a value from fdcontrol(8).

Which method should be described?

Thanks for reading, and best regards,
Martin Karlsson

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