Advanced Installation Guide: add installing over PPPoE

Randy Pratt rpratt1950 at
Tue Apr 8 14:00:45 UTC 2003

Rob Lahaye wrote:
> Hi,
> Instead of having PPPoE install guidelines info on a remote website,
> why not adding this to the handbook? The "Advanced Installation Guide"
> section would be the best place for this.
> The site I'm talking about is:
> Regards,
> Rob.

Hi Rob,

I presume that the PPPoE install worked for you.  In general, I agree
that the documentation should be in a central site.  I've not added 
this to the Handbook primarily because its not an "officially" 
supported installation method.

Typically this method is only needed is in a situation that a user
with PPPoE does not have a cd burner.  To my knowledge, I think it
has come up on the lists twice in the past year so its not a common
installation method.

I would prefer to see this option added to Sysinstall so that it is
more straightforward and does not produce warnings/errors that have
to be ignored.  I'm not a coder but I suspect that adding anything
to Sysinstall causes problems with fitting it on the floppies.  

The method I've described in the document is a kludge at best.  It
is just rough notes I kept while experimenting and I've not gotten
back to cleaning them up.

What does everyone think?  Should we add something to the Handbook
or should I just do some clean up and leave them where they are at?
My initial reaction is to not set any precedent of including
unsupported methods in the Handbook.



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