bin/115631: Re: PHP5 + oci8 consistently segfaults on script exit

Gordon Stratton tsr2600 at
Thu Sep 13 10:35:00 PDT 2007

> On 9/13/07, Simun Mikecin <numisemis at> wrote:
> Have those two cases (doesntexist and pdo_dblib) segfaulted without this patch?

(CC'ing lists this time, my apologies)

doesntexist segfaults without the patch for sure, I can't say for sure
about pdo_dblib.. I never _saw_ it but it's possible that other modules
were segfaulting first so it never got a chance to segfault. There is at
least one case now where PHP does not segfault with the patch where it
did before.


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