FreeBSD 6.1 & Firebird

Aleks at
Sat Jul 1 11:59:17 UTC 2006

Hi again.

Last night I made some progress finding what I've missed. The usual
suspect - file permissions on employee.fdb. I changed the owner to
firebird:firebird (fb_inet_server runs as firebird, I think) and chmod
644. So far so good.

The next thing is echo "localhost.domain.tld" >> /etc/hosts.equiv. In
the docs it is simply localhost, but it appears that a fully qualified
domain name is needed. From that were the nice words in firebird.log,
I think.

The current problem that I seem to have is that I can connect to the
employee.fdb via localhost: but wihtout using username and password.

# isql
SQL> connect 'localhost:/usr/local/share/examples/firebird/employee.fdb'
user 'SYSDBA' password 'masterkey';
Statement failed, SQLCODE = -902

cannot attach to password database
SQL> connect 'localhost:/usr/local/share/examples/firebird/employee.fdb';
Database: 'localhost:/usr/local/share/examples/firebird/employee.fdb'

I admit I'm not familiar with the security model of firebird, etc.
etc. so I'm going to read about it and find what's the actual problem.
Maybe file permissions on security.fdb? It's owned by root and the
permissions are somewhat restrictive 640.

I can't create 'localhost:/var/db/firebird/test.fdb'; and I think it's
because of the file permissions again, right? It's the default setup
and /var/db/firebird is owned by root (755).

So, back to the manuals and heavy reading/trying :) Thanks!


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