Problem installing super-smack on 5.4-STABLE

pete wright nomadlogic at
Mon Apr 11 13:36:53 PDT 2005

> Well, the release date for v1.2 was Sept 2, 2003.  Also, my googling
> found a number of people citing super smack benchmarks as recent as Nov.
> 2004.
opps, missed that annoucement ;)

> > Have you tried emailing anyone involved with super smack?
> >
> Yes, I emailed Jeremy Zawodny.

he could probive no help i suppose.

> BTW, forgot to mention I'm running MySQL 4.11.  If I don't hear anything
> by later tonight, I'll move this to -questions for higher exposure.
yea it's worth a shot, there may be some people running that on
questions.  from what little information you have provided it looks
like an error is being thrown inside supersmack so the problem is most
likely not a freebsd related issue.  supersmack does not look to be in
the ports tree either, so if you can get it patched and working maybe
it would giving a shout out to the ports team.


Pete Wright
NYC's *BSD User Group

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