Oracle 8i (8.1.7), FreeBSD 5.1 i386 installation questions

Jon Adams jkadams at
Sun Oct 31 05:12:30 PST 2004


    Thanks for the response, but I do have libdl

east# ls -l /compat/linux/lib | grep dl
-rwxr-xr-x  1 root  wheel    65473 Mar  6  2003
lrwxr-xr-x  1 root  wheel       14 Jul 26 15:25 ->

for some reason its not seeing it though.  One of the first things I did 
post-install was enable linux emulation and install dev-tools,
needed it to get my J2SDK and Tomcat up and running.

I also rebuilt the kernel with the Oracle settings for Shared Memory and 

do I need to put a -L somewhere in the oracle files, do I need to modify 
my paths looks like this:


my oracle sources are in /data/oracle/Disk1, I am installing it in /ora

I am hoping to move to 5.3 as soon as I get the chance...  but I need 
the DBMS online like yesterday

I am thinking this is something small, but since I am a recent convert 
to FreeBSD, I just dont know where to look to fix it.

Dima Dorfman wrote:

>Jon Adams <jkadams at> wrote:
>>bash-2.04$ ./
>>Setting up patch files...done.
>>Patching makefiles as necessary:
>>Rebuilding client shared library...ld: cannot find -ldl
>>Now I know -ldl is for the dlopen function in Linux, which are in a
>>different place than in FreeBSD,
>You should be compiling and running everything Oracle-related under
>Linux emulation, and if you installed the linux_devtools port, you
>should have libdl in /compat/linux/lib. I suspect that either you
>aren't running under Linux emulation or that you don't have that port
>>BTW: please do not tell me to try Oracle 9i, or that I should use
>>another version of FreeBSD, or something like that, I am locked in this
>>hardware and OS, so I need to get it to work with the current setup as
>>much as possible.
>If you're stuck then you're stuck, but I really would recommend trying
>to at least get away from 5.1, which really wasn't a production-
>quality release.

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