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Dont Scoffit -Territories Available:  World Wide Age: 7+ 

This game offers so much! A party or family game that is designed to let Mum and Dad carry on and let the kids have a great time.

Don't Scoffit is Educational, in teaching kids healthy foods and has a surprise at the end of each round that parents decide on.  But guess what? The children dont know! 

Synchro Treking - Territories Available:  World Wide Age: 6+ 

Is the game in Synchro?  Well if its not it needs to be.  

A very clever game that sends you crazy with dilemmas "This way or that way".  

See how good you are in reading the game as its played.

Trap the Tiger  Territories Available:  World Wide Age: 8+ 

A Wild and wonderful game of cunning and stratgey, out wit your opponents in this game of wits.

This is the next checkers game that appeals to all ages.  A system that works with any animals.

Dare you go out until you have Trapped the Tiger.
B Clever  Territories Available:  World Wide Age: 6+ 

Are you a clever bee with a steady hand?

Dont upset the bee when obtaining the letter you need or you'll get buzzed?

Great fun Educational Game for all ages.

Do As You're Told Territories Available: World Wide Age 7+ 

Its like being back at school, but school was not this much fun . . . was it?  

The end result will have the players in fits of laughter, comparing each others work.  

Go on hand your work in and see who becomes top of the class.

Educational card based game, thats at its best.

About the Company

Let me start by saying this is not a Spam message, you have been selected to recieve this special email.
As the Managing Director of Games Play UK Ltd, I am delighted to offer an exciting and exclusive Licensing opportunity for your company.    
I have personally selected tweny of our latest products, which are featured within this email.   
As an International company, and known World Wide in the Toy and Game Licensing area, I would like you to review the games enclosed for your initial consideration. In the coming weeks, we will be disclosing at least 40 great new toys and games, all with exclusive licences available, and where your company could be potentially involved in some great new and exciting product acquisitions.  If you are a toy and game manufacturer that would consider licensing these products and require a sample, please advise. 

Please take just a couple of minutes of your time to view the enclosed games, and email any requirements or questions to gamesplayukinfo at  Alternatively, please email Tim Clarke who handles licensing requests internationally at gamesplayuktim at    

Nudo Territories Available:  World Wide Age 12+ 

Opps Dont get naked!!

Set in a holiday park setting, all players visit other characters on the board and they try a chat up line or two to impress! 

Hope you're good, cause if you're not you'll have to peel away your characters clothes.  

Hilarous game of riskey fun, for 12 yrs and over  
Run To The Sun Territories Available:  World Wide Age 7+ 
Have you ever been tired of rain, wind and the drudge of life, and wish you could just take off??

Well now you can!

Pack your bags and get the kids, you're off to build your dream house in the sun.

Funny Lampoon style game with pitfalls along the way.  However, you could win the lottery and get your dream house quicker!
StarBoard Territories Available: World Wide Age 8+ 
Play this futuristic game of ships, and be teleported to different areas of the board in an unknown glaxay.

Using the unique transport director in this virtual world you can amaze your opponents and win the game.  

Dont forget its a special card at that the start of the game that will take you in to a wierd and wonderful world!
Tipping Truck Territories Available: World Wide Age 5+ 

Careful!  Will it? Won't it?

The way you play this game will decide the winner.  Its a game of nerve that will keep you on the edge . . .  literally.

A 2008 must product! 
Nynites Territories Available: World Wide Age 1+ 
Bring these loveable characters to life!  Along with a wonderful story book.

World wide appeal in television merchindising including plush range.  

You just wont believe what the Nynites can do.

Four different characters available.

This is the next pre-school craze.

Halloween Haul Territories Available:  World Wide Age 7+  

Not frightened are we?

No need to be! This fun game is designed to be played all year round, and hear the monster roar and glow in the dark.

There is a great surprise element about this unique game turning special areas over on the mystery path.

Gather your haul and spook your opponents. 

Other Services 

We are updating our yearly magazine, The World Games Trader, and if you would like further information about advertising in this unique magazine then email gamesplaytrader at  

The magazine will be seen by our top key contacts, we can also back up any advertisement on our website reaching 150,000 contacts each month.  

 If you are an inventor, we would like to hear from you also.  We design and develop and present one off prototypes to thousands of key contacts worldwide that include 1000s of the top known toy and game companies worldwide.  So if you have an invention of a toy or game and would like to learn more about our services please email gamesplayinvent at . 
If you are a small company and want your games sold worldwide, we have a fantastic service that will allow you to promote your game or games to over 150,000 contacts worldwide. The promotion will also include the game being taken to the biggest Toy Fair in the world. Please email gamesplaytoyfair at 
We Look forward to hearing from you.
Keith Wilkinson
Managing Director
Games Play UK Ltd
The vital link in new toys and games   

Lights, Camera, Action Territories Available:  World Wide Age 6+
Don't be shy or you're gonna get wet?
Bet you thought you were good under pressure?
Do an audition, but with a vote from the other players you had better be better than good!

A side splitting game of crazy fun!
Ring O Star Territories Available:   World Wide Age 10+ 
Dim the lights, gather around the table and test your nerve with this special new home casino type game, that is sure going to cause a buzz. 
Lay your chips and see what happens!
Then the special game play is activated.  Two actions for the ultimate winner needs to be made.  Great new winning system used in play. 

Squabbles Territories Available:  World Wide Age 8+ 
The worlds first word game were you play a part of a professional person! This is a major part of the game.  

Intrigued? I would be, because word forming this way has never been more fun.  

Do not squabble to much, just make sure you're wearing your thinking cap.   

A must for all you word nuts. 

Times It Territories Available: World Wide Age 6+ 

Educational Educational Educational.

Learn your times tables in this fun and easy way.
This game allows 6 year olds and over to play alongside mum and dad and yes BEAT THEM. 

"Na, na, na, na, I beat you dad"  Billy learned without knowing it! And he had some great fun too. He is now a Maths teacher. 

9 Lives Territories Available: World Wide Age 7+ 

Great family fun game.

If you're a cat what do you not want to do? Lose your nine lives of course.

Get your aim right and play a cunning foxy game and become the cat that has got its cream. 

Demolition Mission Territories Available: World Wide  Age 7+ 
You want a great combat game?  We have it!  

The name says it all!!

Be part of a special force combat team.

Strategic game play that moves around the tower is where the great hook kicks in.

One player must attack the tower and the other defend it. But what will become of the tower? 

Ridicule Territories Available: World Wide  Age 10+ 
Be brave and take the hilarous comments from the other players.

Ridicule them and say it as it is.

Go on and send the player to the losers place where they belong.

Sevens Territories Available: World Wide  Age 7+ 

Se7ens Crazy?

A game you can play 24/7 that has SEVEN variations of play, that will keep the whole family happy for hours.

Its 7's Mad!

Time Out Territories Available: World Wide Age 7+ 
Fast paced family fun game.

Learning the different variations of time has never been so much fun.

Get your time out cards to zero and win!!

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