Error: Failed to spawn GNU rlog

Bernd Groh bgroh at
Tue May 20 16:07:00 PDT 2003


> Error: Failed to spawn GNU rlog on 
> "/usr/local/cvs/JBlog//.classpath,v, /usr/local/cvs/JBlog//.project,v".
> Did you set the $command_path in your configuration file correctly ? 
> (Currently "/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/local/bin"

As Ville said, this is most likely due to you not having 
read-permissions on the files in that directory. Since it's not entirely 
clear as what user CVSweb is running and since you do not necessarily 
want to give that user all permissions the group has, I suggest to 
simply allow everyone read-permissions on any files (all directories to 
be executable for everyone).

This should fix it.



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