Contribution: show different icon for icon for binary (-kb) files and show keyword expansion mode on the log page

VilleSkyttä scop at
Tue Jun 24 02:12:06 PDT 2003

On Sun, 2003-06-22 at 22:26, Paul Gelderblom wrote:
> The patch file included is a context diff against the current head
> revision in the freebsd repository.

Cool, unidiffs would be even better :)

> Ville: It's a relatively small change so I hope it can be included
> there ....

Thanks, it looks mostly good, but a couple of remarks:

-    } elsif (/^head:\s+([\d\.]+)/) {
+    }
+    if (/^head:\s+([\d\.]+)/) {

That hunk in readLog() would change the existing behaviour, I've changed
it into:

         $symrev{$1} = $2;
+        next;
       } else {
         $symnames = 0;
-    } elsif (/^head:\s+([\d\.]+)/) {
+    }
+    if (/^head:\s+([\d\.]+)/) {

I also opened your .gif in Gimp and just saved it again to save almost
800 bytes :)

BTW, it looks like the list ate some of your attachments but the Cc: to
me worked just fine.

\/ille Skyttä
scop at

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