revisiting tunables under Safe Mode menu option

Julian Elischer julian at
Thu Mar 1 21:21:50 UTC 2012

On 3/1/12 8:52 AM, Devin Teske wrote:
> .
> Indeed, I've watched field engineers when exploring the menu options and their
> eyes light-up when they see that "Safe Mode" toggles ACPI off when enabled.
> Extrapolating on their surprise, they appear to have an "Aha!"-moment a ...

they have all seen 'safe mode' on windows. They know what that does and
they are assuming this does the same thing.
Basically Windows safe mode disables all the bells and whistles of the 
and reverts to known safe defaults for everything it can reach.
i.e. VGA screen, basic keyboard, IDE disk, no desktop extensions, all 
fancy CPU options turned off.

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