revisiting tunables under Safe Mode menu option

John Baldwin jhb at
Tue Feb 28 15:18:29 UTC 2012

On Tuesday, February 28, 2012 1:23:11 am Scott Long wrote:
> I still think that it's useful to be able to disable ACPI.  Just because 
ACPI works well on modern hardware doesn't mean that everything crummy from 
2000-2007 suddenly disappeared off the face of the earth.  But I agree that 
turning it off on modern systems probably does more harm than good.  Hence my 
suggestion for a finer control over this in the menu.  Maybe Devin Teske can 
lend some help with this task?  For extra credit, it should be possible to 
write a simple static analysis tool that collects all of the tunables that are 
compiled into the kernel and generates a data file that the boot menu can 
process and turn into interactive knobs for the user.

Hmm, with the newer boot menu, can't one now toggle safe mode and ACPI 
independently?  (Assuming we haven't removed the ability to disable ACPI from 
the menu, if we have we should perhaps put that back).  Having them be 
orthogonal knobs would seem to the be the best approach.

John Baldwin

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