killed somehow - help./ISO images of CURRENT

Andriy Gapon avg at
Wed Feb 15 11:47:30 UTC 2012

on 15/02/2012 12:33 O. Hartmann said the following:
> Hello. Accidentally, I managed to kill my and didn't make a
> backup. Now my FreeBSD 10/amd64 box, compiled yesterday's world last time, 
> refuses to do anything since login doesn't work. /bin/sh is missing a 
> symbol, I forgot the name, it was late last night (and therefore I made 
> that mistake).
> I thought I could start over with a snapshot emergency/live DVD/CD, but for
> CURRENT, I can not find any ISO images. Apart from the CTM way, is there
> another opportunity toget a) ISO images of a more recent CURRENT b) a
> working that will make me rebuilding the system?
> Sorry for the noise, I'm ashamed about to ask and yes, I will bare the 
> laugh.

Tools in /rescue should work without libc, but I am not sure if they would be
enough to somehow restore libc on your system.

Andriy Gapon

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