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Mon Apr 23 12:17:44 UTC 2012

i think this "head.diff" may be is old!

in diff
+#ifdef DEV_NETMAP
+ if (slot) {
+ netmap_load_map(txr->txtag, txbuf->map,
+ NMB(slot), adapter->rx_mbuf_sz);
+ slot++;
+ }
+#endif /* DEV_NETMAP */

in netmap_kern.h

static inline void
netmap_load_map(bus_dma_tag_t tag, bus_dmamap_t map, void *buf)
if (map)
bus_dmamap_load(tag, map, buf, NETMAP_BUF_SIZE,
    netmap_dmamap_cb, NULL, BUS_DMA_NOWAIT);

root at 9du.org

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