buildworld fails on FreeBSD 7.x for HEAD from 19.04.2012

Garrett Cooper yanegomi at
Sun Apr 22 14:52:03 UTC 2012

On Apr 20, 2012, at 10:26 AM, Doug Barton wrote:

> On 4/20/2012 5:16 AM, Jan Sieka wrote:
>> I can't build world from recent sources (HEAD as of 2012.04.19 11:06:48
>> UTC) on a machine running FreeBSD 7.3.
> That's not a supported configuration. We don't promise support for
> $VERSION on anything less than the most recent version of $VERSION - 1.

	I'm sorry, but given the error below shown by Jan I don't buy this argument. It seems like file's objects are is trying to link against an ABI incompatible libc and failing. The build system should handle this properly if you invoke the top-level targets (buildworld, buildkernel, distribution).

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