/usr/bin/as: out of memory allocating 4194304 bytes after a total of 524288000 bytes

Doug Barton dougb at FreeBSD.org
Fri Apr 20 20:25:59 UTC 2012

On 04/20/2012 01:14 PM, Jason Evans wrote:
> On Apr 20, 2012, at 1:10 PM, Dimitry Andric wrote:
>> On 2012-04-20 21:54, Jason Evans wrote:
>>> On Apr 20, 2012, at 12:49 PM, Dimitry Andric wrote:
>> ...
>>>> I think the best solution would be for jemalloc to avoid using obvious
>>>> names like "chunksize" for its globals, because it is basically a
>>>> library that could be linked to any sort of program out there.
>>>> For example, it could prefix all its internal-use only globals with
>>>> "jemalloc_" or some other mangling scheme.  Jason, any thoughts?
>>> jemalloc has optional namespace mangling support built in for just this reason.  I'll turn it on, hopefully today.
>> Indeed, I had just found jemalloc/internal/private_namespace.h. :)  It
>> does seem to list only functions, not variables, is that right?
> Ah right, functions only.  Well then, I don't have any bright ideas for solving this problem in the short run.

Prefixing your variables sounds right to me ... I'd use jem_ instead of
spelling out jemalloc_, but either should work.


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