9.0 beta2 & the new bsdinstaller

Antonio Olivares olivares14031 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 25 12:30:50 UTC 2011

> More concerns and questions onthe new bsdinstall:
> There is no upgrade function.  How will a user be able to upgrade to BETA3 (or RC1?) without wiping out BETA2 installation?
> For instance, user might have built many software applications from ports and not want to rebuild everything.

I have the same doubt/question.  If I update the system via the ports,
do I have BETA3/RC1?  or do I have to run
# freebsd-update

to get the current release?

Also, like is suggested, if I update by any means, I will probably
have to delete && reinstall everything in the ports.  Is there a way
not to do this?



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