Boot FreeBSD-current on macbook from USB stick ?

Poul-Henning Kamp phk at
Fri Sep 23 20:56:57 UTC 2011

In message <4E7CF115.5000103 at>, Eric McCorkle writes:

>You can boot in legacy BIOS mode, which I do.  You have to create an
>MBR/BSD label installation, as if you have a GPT, the firmware will do
>what I described above.  Now, the mac firmware will wait 30 seconds
>before doing the legacy BIOS boot.  You can get around this by holding
>ALT at power on, and selecting "windows" (*sigh*).
>I have the following partition scheme:
>                       |
>                       +---Swap
>I do not use refit.

That does not seem to work for me, I have USB stick with a
NanoBSD on it, and it never gets recognized by the macbook,
so there is no 'windows' to select...

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