9.0 beta2 & the new bsdinstaller

deeptech71 at gmail.com deeptech71 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 23 15:26:06 UTC 2011

Fbsd8 wrote:
> 6. At the "Complete screen" when the reboot option is selected the
> cd/dvd drive should automatically open so the install media can be
> removed just like sysinstall does. If disc1.iso or dvd.iso was installed
> to memstick and used to boot from to install the system, then a message
> screen should pop out saying the memstick has to be removed now before
> the reboot starts. Don't let the reboot occur until the memstick is removed.

Do NOT alter! More often than not,
(1) you keep floppies, optical discs, and memory sticks in your
computer without intending to boot from them, and
(2) you'll want to use your BIOS's boot-once functionality (press a
specific keyboard button to bring up the media choser menu for that
boot; otherwise boot from the hard drives) whenever you do want to
boot from floppies, optical discs, or memory sticks.

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