How does one install kernel sources and base

Antonio Olivares olivares14031 at
Tue Sep 20 00:56:58 UTC 2011

> However, when I run kldload nvidia, I get a mismatch with the running
> kernel and an incompatible ?????.  I cannot post exact error as the
> machine gives me no X :(, I checked to see if enabling hald and dbus
> at /etc/rc.conf would make a difference and they have not :(, I have
> also tried nouveau and it also does not work.  No working X on FreeBSD
> 9.0 BETA 2 amd64, ports updated to latest, xorg, xorg-server, xfce4,
> ... I will post in the thread I created on this issue.
> A not very well documented hint..
> $ grep PORTS_MODULES= /etc/src.conf
> PORTS_MODULES= emulators/virtualbox-ose-kmod x11/nvidia-driver


I had installed from 9.0-amd64-BETA2-dvd1 iso, but the bsdinstall flew
so fast and I could not use arrow keys to select the src for the
kernel, I updated the whole system via ports using portmaster -a, and
no matter what I try X does not work.

> You'll also need to boot with the new kernel. Be sure to read the complete
> handbook chapter on how to update your system from source if you plan to go
> that route.

It takes a great while to build the system like this, but since it is
a BETA, it might not be worth it and then to figure out that X does
still not work.  Might have to wipe disk clean and reinstall?

> Once things go release you might be able to update your binaries via
> freebsd-update.
> If this seems really complicated and you want a simplified desktop
> experience, there's also PCBSD.

Nah, prefer native FreeBSD as PCBSD will make it too easy :(
+ I would like to help out in testing and learn more about FreeBSD.  I
have tested linux distros before, but they work differently than
FreeBSD, and there is not as much fun*, things to try* as they are in
FreeBSD beta2?

> HTH,
> -Garrett



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