cvsup broken on amd64?

b. f. bf1783 at
Thu Sep 8 21:52:19 UTC 2011

> I have an Atom 330 with 9.0-BETA2/amd64 installed.
> I did a pkg_add -r cvsup-without-gui at first after installation.
> Using cvsup, resulted in a core dump (illegal instruction).
> I then removed all ports, and installed cvsup-without-gui from source.
> Started cvsup... core dump again.
> I then got the cvsup binary from a FreeBSD 8 i386 system, installed
> compat8x and also copied the missing from FreeBSD/i386
> and cvsuped the source (8.2-STABLE i386 cvsup worked).
> Then I rebuilt world, kernel (removed all debugging options from GENERIC).
> Then I removed all ports once more and reinstalled cvsup-without-gui
> from ports once more.
> And now again...

It may be broken -- I seem to recall some earlier complaints about
problems on one of the list.  But is there a reason why you are
attempting to use it, when /usr/bin/csup is available, and is
generally thought to be superior?


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