Panics after AHCI timeouts

Armin Pirkovitsch armin at
Mon Oct 31 10:25:33 UTC 2011


Just wanted to say - in my case the AHCI timeouts (and therefor the 
panics afterwards) were solved by updating the firmware of my SSDs.
[Corsair Force 3, 120GB, old firmware: 1.3, new firmware: 1.3.3]


On 10/28/11 01:19, Pegasus Mc Cleaft wrote:
>>> If it's only one process, the machine (usually) doesn't hang, even
>>> when that process is copying big files back and forth for a long
>>> period of time (it's a backup process). But interleave that process
>>> with another one accessing the same disk, and poof!, almost
>>> immediately ahci timeouts. occur. Very strange... Maybe a race
>>> condition of some sort after all?
>> No, I cannot say there is any specific correlation to IO load of the
> machine,
>> timeouts I saw happen randomly and seem almost always happen as system
> uptime
>> crosses two weeks boundary. I am suspecting Samsung firmware at this point.
> Now that's interesting as I use a mixture of Samsung, WD, and Seagate.. And
> I do believe the Samsungs tend to do this more. I see ACHI timeouts from
> time to time on my machine (10-Current AMD64) but normally only when I am
> doing something like a scrub. The machine has never panicked as a result of
> this, it normally just FAULTS the drive in the pool and keeps on going. At
> that point, doing a camcontrol rescan all does not bring the drive back into
> existence (it will normally just hang on that bus for 15-20 seconds and then
> carry on without identifying a drive). I have to pull the drive, let it spin
> down and then reinsert it. Once its reinserted, the drive comes back on the
> bus and I can online it again.
> The weird thing is this.. For me, it only ever seems to be when I am writing
> to the pool/disk. Pure reads don't seem to bother it.
> I don't really know at this point if the SATA ports have gone wonkey on the
> motherboard, or if the processor on the HD has crashed. I almost tend to
> believe it's the drive because camcontrol stops on that port almost as it if
> knows there is a link there, but can't talk to it.
> Peg
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