make installworld fails on releng9

Marco Steinbach coco at
Fri Oct 28 04:16:00 UTC 2011

On Thu, 27 Oct 2011, Chuck Burns wrote:

> I had some issues while running make installworld after I sync'd to the latest
> releng9, on my RC1 install.
> Now, it appears to failed, while trying to create some links,
> chfn
> chsh
> ypchpass
> ypchfn
> ypchsh.
> These are supposed to be hardlinked to /usr/bin/chpass, except that, since the
> other files already exist, and are immutable, make installworld was unable to
> do anything, so I wound up removing the immutable flag on these files and re-
> running make installworld.
> I didn't see any mention of this little.. issue, in UPDATING, or in the -
> current mailing list (yes, I know, 9.0 is no longer technically, current, but
> since it isn't released yet, I figure it's close enough)

I'm seeing this on head (226827, amd64), also.

MfG CoCo

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