sys/conf/ vs. subversion-1.7

Luchesar V. ILIEV luchesar.iliev at
Mon Oct 24 13:55:27 UTC 2011

On 24/10/2011 14:59, John Baldwin wrote:
> On Saturday, October 22, 2011 12:31:25 pm Luchesar V. ILIEV wrote:
>> Speaking of that, and in the context of the recursion that svnversion
>> does, something else comes to my mind...
>> svnversion is currently executed in ${SRCDIR}/sys, so the revision
>> number is relevant only to the kernel sources. But FreeBSD is not just a
>> kernel, unlike Linux, so wouldn't it make more sense to actually check
>> the revision directly at ${SRCDIR}, thus catching possible different
>> revisions in other parts of the base system source tree?
> Please no.  That makes svnversion take a _lot_ longer.  We used to do that,
> but changed it.  Also, the kernel build does not use any sources outside
> of sys/, so for the kernel an svnversion of sys/ is perfectly reasonable.

Sorry, it's my fault not noticing that it used to be that way. I also
guess that the topic has been discussed, so I'm sure all the pros and
cons have been well weighted. Thanks for the clarification.


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