About FreeBSD 9.0 release note

Hideki Yamamoto hyama99 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 18 21:57:55 UTC 2011


Does someone know where is the draft of FreeBSD 9.0 release note?
I would like to check if there is a description about new functions
about MLDv2 is included or not.
I think the below feature should be included in the release note as
IPv6 network is getting popular.

MFC r200871:
 Use ALLOW_NEW_SOURCES and BLOCK_OLD_SOURCES to signal a join or leave
 with SSM MLDv2 by default.
 This is current practice and complies with RFC 4604, as well as being
 required by production IPv6 networks in Japan.
 The behaviour may be disabled by setting the net.inet6.mld.use_allow
 sysctl/tunable to 0.

Best regards,
Hideki Yamamoto

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