9.0-beta3 preferring ipv4 over ipv6 with ipv6_activate_all_interfaces="YES"

Thomas Steen Rasmussen thomas at gibfest.dk
Thu Oct 13 22:31:30 UTC 2011

Hello list,

I just upgraded my home workstation to 9.0-beta3 amd64. It seems
like my web browsers are preferring ipv4 over ipv6 after the upgrade,
I tested Firefox and Opera. After digging into rc.conf(5) I found this bit:

     If ``AUTO'' is specified, it attempts to read a file
     /etc/ip6addrctl.conf first.  If this file is found,
     ip6addrctl(8) reads and installs it.  If not found, a policy
     is automatically set according to
     ipv6_activate_all_interfaces variable; if the variable is set
     to ``YES'' the IPv6-preferred one is used.  Otherwise

     The default value of ip6addrctl_enable and ip6addrctl_policy
     are ``YES'' and ``AUTO'', respectively.

I already have ipv6_activate_all_interfaces="YES" in /etc/rc.conf
so ip6addrctl_policy _should_ be "ip6addrctl_policy" if I am reading
this correctly. But my browsers still prefer ipv4. Is this a bug, or
do the manpage need updating ?

Before the upgrade to 9 I was running 8-stable which preferred
ipv6 like I would expect.

Thank you in advance,

Thomas Steen Rasmussen

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