groff -ms -Tascii (nroff?) strange output

Anton Shterenlikht mexas at
Tue Oct 4 20:57:12 UTC 2011

I'm having problems similar to this thread:

The solution suggested was to use man ./<local man page>

However, my document is not a man page,
and I use ms macros.

Test document:

BUZI> cat try.1 
Some title
Some clever author
Some fancy institution
.NH 1

BUZI> groff -ms -Tascii try.1 | more

                         ESC[1mSome titleESC[0m

                     ESC[4mSomeESC[24m ESC[4mcleverESC[24m ESC[4mauthorESC[0m
                   Some fancy institution

ESC[1m1.  IntroductionESC[0m

BUZI> groff -ms -Tascii try.1 | col -b | more

                         1mSome title0m

                     4mSome24m 4mclever24m 4mauthor0m
                   Some fancy institution

1m1.  Introduction0m

How can I get a plain text rendering
from a troff document with ms macros?

Many thanks

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