[CFR]RT305xF support, w/o attachment

Etienne Robillard erob at gthcfoundation.org
Mon Mar 21 15:52:50 UTC 2011

> I am not sure why this thread has deserved your attention - not everyone has as
> good mastery of English as you do.  And sometimes some people are more prone to
> doubts.

FYI im not very good in English as its not my main language too. However
comments are usually intelligible as opposed to unintelligible... ;-)

> Maybe you can give Aleksandr some help with the code in addition to your advice?

In others words can we disable OFDM by default on the next-generation
RTL8187 (rt2860) driver
on FreeBSD?

If not then I'd like suggesting Aleksandr a patch to add a
option to disable compiling any BSD licensed driver code related to OFDM
without the user
explicit consent.

kind regards,

Etienne Robillard

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