Guaranteed kernel panic with ZFS + nullfs

Luke Marsden luke-lists at
Thu Mar 17 04:27:46 UTC 2011

Hi all,

The following script seems to cause a guaranteed kernel panic on 8.1-R,
8.2-R and 8-STABLE as of today (2011-03-16), with both ZFS v14/15, and
v28 on 8.2-R with mm@ patches from 2011-03. I suspect it may also affect
9-CURRENT but have not tested this yet.

export POOL=hpool # change this to your pool name
sudo zfs destroy -r $POOL/foo
sudo zfs create $POOL/foo
sudo zfs set mountpoint=/foo $POOL/foo
sudo mount -t nullfs /foo /bar
sudo touch /foo/baz
ls /bar # should see baz
sudo zfs umount -f $POOL/foo # seems okay (ls: /bar: Bad file
sudo zfs mount $POOL/foo # PANIC!

Can anyone suggest a patch which fixes this? Preferably against
8-STABLE :-)

I also have a more subtle problem where, after mounting and then quickly
force-unmounting a ZFS filesystem (call it A) with two nullfs-mounted
filesystems and a devfs filesystem within it, running "ls" on the
mountpoint of the parent filesystem of A hangs.

I'm working on narrowing it down to a shell script like the above - as
soon as I have one I'll post a followup.

This latter problem is actually more of an issue for me - I can avoid
the behaviour which triggers the panic ("if it hurts, don't do it"), but
I need to be able to perform the actions which trigger the deadlock
(mounting and unmounting filesystems).

This also affects 8.1-R, 8.2-R, 8-STABLE and 8.2-R+v28.

It seems to be the "zfs umount -f" process which hangs and triggers
further accesses to the parent filesystem to hang. Note that I have
definitely correctly unmounted the nullfs and devfs mounts from within
the filesystem before I force the unmount. Unfortunately the -f is
necessary in my application.

After the hang:

hybrid at dev3:/opt/HybridCluster$ sudo ps ax |grep zfs
   41  ??  DL     0:00.11 [zfskern]
 3751  ??  D      0:00.03 /sbin/zfs unmount -f hpool/hcfs/filesystem1

hybrid at dev3:/opt/HybridCluster$ sudo procstat -kk 3751
  PID    TID COMM             TDNAME
 3751 100264 zfs              -                mi_switch+0x16f
sleepq_wait+0x42 _sleep+0x31c zfsvfs_teardown+0x269 zfs_umount+0x1a7
dounmount+0x28a unmount+0x3c8 syscall+0x1e7 Xfast_syscall+0xe1 

hybrid at dev3:/opt/HybridCluster$ sudo procstat -kk 41
  PID    TID COMM             TDNAME
   41 100058 zfskern          arc_reclaim_thre mi_switch+0x16f
sleepq_timedwait+0x42 _cv_timedwait+0x129 arc_reclaim_thread+0x2d1
fork_exit+0x118 fork_trampoline+0xe 
   41 100062 zfskern          l2arc_feed_threa mi_switch+0x16f
sleepq_timedwait+0x42 _cv_timedwait+0x129 l2arc_feed_thread+0x1be
fork_exit+0x118 fork_trampoline+0xe 
   41 100090 zfskern          txg_thread_enter mi_switch+0x16f
sleepq_wait+0x42 _cv_wait+0x111 txg_thread_wait+0x79 txg_quiesce_thread
+0xb5 fork_exit+0x118 fork_trampoline+0xe 
   41 100091 zfskern          txg_thread_enter mi_switch+0x16f
sleepq_timedwait+0x42 _cv_timedwait+0x129 txg_thread_wait+0x3c
txg_sync_thread+0x355 fork_exit+0x118 fork_trampoline+0xe 

I will continue to attempt to create a shell script which makes this
latter bug easily reproducible.

In the meantime, what further information can I gather? I will build a
debug kernel in the morning.

If it helps accelerate finding a solution to this problem, Hybrid Logic
Ltd might be able to fund a small bounty for a fix. Contact me off-list
if you can help in this way.

Best Regards,
Luke Marsden
CTO, Hybrid Logic Ltd.

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