CPU affinity

Andriy Gapon avg at freebsd.org
Thu Mar 10 13:39:02 UTC 2011

on 10/03/2011 05:45 Steve Kargl said the following:
> On Thu, Mar 10, 2011 at 11:56:22AM +0900, Hideki Yamamoto wrote:
>> Hi,
>> We are interested in realtime application and CPU affinity.
>> After googling pthread_setaffinity_np, I have found that it appeared in 7.2.
>> But I cannot find it by man command.
>> Does anyone know the status of CPU affinity function in FreeBSD or
>> useful links about it?
>> I have found the pointer about a command,
>> http://segfault.in/2010/09/how-to-set-cpu-affinity-for-a-process-in-freebsd/
> Man pages are available on-line.
> http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/man.cgi?query=pthread_setaffinity_np&apropos=0&sektion=0&manpath=FreeBSD+8.2-RELEASE&format=html

And the actual functions that should be used on modern FreeBSD are
cpuset_setaffinity and cpuset_getaffinity.

Andriy Gapon

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