HEADS UP: ZFSv28 is in!

Edward Tomasz Napierała trasz at FreeBSD.org
Sun Mar 6 09:51:03 UTC 2011

Wiadomość napisana przez Steve Wills w dniu 2011-03-06, o godz. 05:11:


> Thanks for your work on this, I'm very happy to have ZFS v28. I just
> updated my -CURRENT system from a snapshot from about a month ago to
> code from today. I have 3 pools and one of them is for ports tinderbox.
> I only upgraded that pool. When I try to build something using
> tinderbox, I get this error:
> cp: failed to set acl entries for
> /usr/local/tinderbox/9-CURRENT-amd64-FreeBSD/buildscript: Operation not
> supported

What does "mount" show?

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