Introduce myself and question about getting CURRENT

Nerius Landys nlandys at
Sun Mar 6 00:44:10 UTC 2011

Hi guys, I'd like to contribute to the FreeBSD community by testing
and programming a little in the coming months/years.  I'm a
mathematician from Berkeley (B.S.), I have been using FreeBSD for
about 5 years (on a router and on 2 servers) and I come from a strong
programming background (12+ years).  I'm also currently involved with
some other open source projects such as GtkRadiant, which is a map
editor for Quake 3 engine games.  An issue in FreeBSD that I'm
interested in looking into in the short run is the ath wireless driver
situation (I've already contacted Adrian).  The two particular issues
with the ath driver that I'm currently having may very well already be
resolved in CURRENT, so I'm about to test that.

Anyhow, first things are first.  I need to get CURRENT.  So, what is
the preferred way to get CURRENT on your system?  I'm very familiar
with the whole buildkernel/buildworld mechanism and I intend to
compile CURRENT from source on a continual basis.  The only question I
have about this is, is the upgrade 8.2 -> CURRENT a supported upgrade
that will work fairly well?  Or are there some CD image ISOs available
for a relatively recent CURRENT?  Basically, I'm about to install
CURRENT on a new system that will be used for testing and development,
and don't know the preferred way to do this.

- Nerius "Rambetter" Landys

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